среда, 15 мая 2013 г.

Added personal experience for the owner of workshop

About owner's experience

God bless you! My name is Walther von Einik (Valter fon Eynik is a "last gift" from Russia, read the hole story here http://wve720.wix.com/veseleil-workshop#!news/c6wa) - I have my personal experience from 1976.  I have end The Moscow Art School. Practiced in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (the first and the biggest monastery in Russia) - for the iconography and restoration. I worked in Magadan area in the workshop of bone carving. Took classes from Eskimo masters for their Eskimo Art. Also,was giving the classes to them - iconography and church woodcarving. Always took parts in the exibitions and took prizes in nominations «Woodcarving». My studios were in the USSR raitings - the best 40 studios in USSR.
 Travelled around the whole USSR, worked for different churches in different workshops. Then, have made my own big Orthodox workshop in 1997. 
This is my blog, I put here news, videos and some samples of my work. If you're interesting in my work, or you have questions, you can find contact information on the "sampleas of my work" page. Also, visit my website - http://wve720.wix.com/veseleil-workshop. You'll find many useful information about my workshop, prices and many other. Welcome!

пятница, 10 мая 2013 г.

Introducing of Orthodox workshop "Bezaleel"


This is the introducing message of workshop "Bezaleel". We'll be glad to all who we'll read our posts! Here we'll post the news of our workshop, different studying classes - wood carving, wood stuff making, woodfinishing and many other. Please, visit our site here: http://wve720.wix.com/veseleil-workshop. Also, welcome to see our Youtube channel:
Here is the information about our workshop:

Orthodox workshop "Bezaleel" with extensive experience of working in Russia since 1997.Works according to workshop's and our customer's design sketches and any items of church affiliation.


- Design of interiors and exteriors for future and now working churches
- Church restoration, church sculptures - making and restoration;

- canonical Icons :
 Carved, hand-painted, print
 -lecterns of any complexity, the canonical tables, sacrificial altars and other, any difficulty

-iconostasis any difficulty
 -Chandeliers, Horoses
 -Wooden crosses, crusifixes, carved - pectoral, altar and altarpiece, gravestone crosses
 - Also, our store makes: pulpits, shrines, church pews, bishop's thrones, clergy chairs and other handmade furniture for churches
- Boxes for Holy bread and many other small religious things.

 For home use:
 - shelves and angles for Icons, home lecterns and home iconostasis;
 -Padding of religious books.
 The prices are moderate and negotiable.

Also, have webmaster's services of making church sites.

Also, workshop makes replicas of antique things and furniture; makes designs of furniture's scetches and different things like old style using high quality wood and all materials.